Thursday, June 02, 2016

And.... We took the U-Turn!

Haven’t written in a long time, didn’t find anything motivating enough to write. But finally found something that was blog-worthy. And this is going to be our screenplay; real one, of course.

As we sat in Pratap’s XUV to head to Forum Mall, pick up a pair of footwear for him and then head to a movie. The rain spoiled the little shopping plan, super heavy traffic. We entered the theater, heard some heavy dialogues and I was like WTF am I, only to be told that this was only a trailer of another movie. I Thank God and we quickly sneak out to grab something to eat, come back just in time for the movie.

U-Turn, a Kannada movie. Before I write anything else, I want to Thank Pawan for bringing audiences back to the theater to watch/enjoy a Kannada movie. It was great to see the amount of turn out we saw on a Wednesday evening.

Most film makers blame the audience for their film not doing a good job in the box office, they find excuses saying our people don’t like subjects like these, piracy, our-people-can-only-watch-4 songs-3-fights-hero-intro-song-song-before-climax-type-of-movies, and then they say that Bangalore has more floating population, immigrants don’t want Kannada movies, kind of theories. This guy has proven that these are mere excuses for their incapability to make a film that will bring movie lovers to a theater. It takes a lot to accomplish that and Pawan seems to have mastered that art quite naturally, guessing that is only because he is passionate about Film making (I mean Truly Passionate, not like other film makers that only claim and are in industry for no good rhyme or reason)

U-Turn was a very simple plot, something that we all see or some of them do at some point in time; the director has just made the screenplay to show, what goes around, comes around. Simply put.

It takes a lot of guts to make movies like this, (I haven’t had the opportunity to watch Lucia, yet). Admire the guts and confidence of Pawan in making such a wonderful wonderful script. Making a movie successful without popular actors is a very challenging art.

If such people make more such movies, Kannada film industry will breathe a new lease of life real soon!

Wondering why I haven't written a lot about the movie? Ok.. Here goes, it's an edge of the seat thriller, now go watch it and you'll know.. :-) 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bring it on 2016!

It’s been 40+ days into the New Year and I almost hadn’t blogged, even though I have a lot to share/update; I hadn’t had the time to blog.

2015 was very good (not great), a very interesting year for the amount of changes we made, changes in strategy, changes in the way certain things were getting done (read as “were not getting done”), made some very risky yet reasonably dynamic changes and the results/reactions of those changes are starting to show up slowly, very exciting stuff to say the least.

Closed a new line of business with a new client, which takes us into a whole different domain and a new stream of revenue. This is exciting because, we will probably be the only small enterprise that will be offering this type of service.

That apart, I’ve been working hush hush on 2 more entrepreneurial ventures, finalized the launch dates for both and these are new domains for us (not really)

This coming weekend will take us towards the 4th year of Einfach Solutions and it’s been such an exciting journey and it can't get better, these 3-5 new projects is going to keep us occupied until the 3rd quarter of 2016, after which we will get into newer stuff. Couple of projects have India scope, so we have kind of Up’d our branding this year. Thanks to Fully Filmy for their contribution to our small branding initiatives.

What I have done in this blog is quite simple, this is just a “tease”. I am sure people are going to speculate/gossip/whatever they do best, but – hey that’s natural right. So I am going to let people do their thing. *Evil Grin*

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - A truly interesting year!

Yay!! My New Year’s Eve blog!! This “may” be long because I am going to try and cover all of 2015.

So 2015 has been by far the most interesting year for me. It’s been phenomenal and absolutely absolutely interesting.

The year started off with those super creative calendars most of my friends love, and continued pretty low key until March. While work had its ups and downs, none that impacted me a whole lot. Chaos started April onwards, and since I am responsible for fixing problems, I wake up one morning, almost restless. Tell my wife I think I should go to the US, she gives me “the look” and instantly says “then you should”. News passes to Pratap, his response “Oh finally, you realise”. (Note - I never fancied travelling to the US, I still don’t) 

Tickets booked, US task list done, US was great fun and a very successful trip both professionally and personally. Met a lot of friends, travelled a lot, worked my butt off on week days (oh wait, people say I don’t have one.. ok never mind)

Fast forward – July 8th, I am back in Bangalore. Thrilled to be back home. India check list made (I erased that check list on 30th Dec) I came back with a number of projects/tasks. New CRM. More work. Loads of new projects and huge volume of existing business. This is when I feel! “Ah, life’s good”.

Fast forward – September – Shit hits the ceiling, client changes policies, reduces our volume of business drastically. Internal issues. Staff issues. We try to tackle the bigger issues first. Go Head on. Some very threatening issues resolved. The smaller ones ignored (or let’s say “Delegated”)

October – November – Reasonably slow in terms of work. Vacation. Meet Relatives. Meet best friend. Loads of stuff happening in terms of strategy and issues in the background. Certain stuff that threaten our existence. We remain unfazed by any of this, but it does cause a little bit of bitterness. A natural excuse to drink more often *wink*. Started Following this guy Gary Vee on Facebook and YouTube. A new set of learning begins.

December – Floods. First few days of the month, I wake up extremely restless. Because, I am not a person that can sit, watch and just pass comments about things. And that was exactly what I was doing and I hated it. Finally decide to go and help people. Most of them I reached out to helped financially or in kind, travelling to Chennai was never more exciting. Travelled around the city. Very humbling experience helping the ones in need.

This experience kind of teaches me a few very important things. Not going to list that since they are very personal to me. And this followed by meeting some important people. Friends. Dinner. Drinks. More important business decisions.

Like I said, 2015 was one of the most exciting years of my life. Have learnt (or may be not) being genuinely interested in people and helping them has its own disadvantages/pitfalls. But hey, that’s life. It’s not what we want it to be. I will continue to do what I do… I will continue to learn.
2016 looks extremely exciting because of that 2015 taught. Hopeful that, even if it 25% of what we have thought, it’s going to be a truly wonderful year. Plan to travel more. New lines of business. Very excited!

PS – The ones who really know me would find a lot of things missing. That’s because some issues and people have become irrelevant. J

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Get your act together..

So, I updated this very fancy blog of mine saying “look who’s back” and I’ve been trying to come up with something ever since, what to write!? 
Loss of topics, was it? Contrary to that – As the ones that read this will know that I am extremely opinionated, which basically means. I have too many things to write about, really! Now to decipher that is a herculean task in itself!
And to make matters worse, last week was quite eventful (or uneventful... Whatever you want to call it)
So, here I am trying to come up with something random. And in-between I check on work – emails, phone calls, listening to Pitbull amidst all this. Get the picture?!
Having said that, the thing that has been lingering on my mind is “Discipline”, and I used to hate this word back in school (I used to get pulled up for random shit and they called it “Discipline Issues”)
So what about discipline? I ponder, when we grew up with certain things we did as a part of our childhood. And I am not even going to mention any of that.
As grown-ups, we have our job, both at home and at work. Most times, the things that fall into the “discipline” bucket are not often checked for sanity. Someone lays the rules, someone else delegates the “job” to someone else and then it gets done (or so we think). One fine day, things come down crumbling like a pack of cards and that’s when we realize that these are caused not because of someone’s inability to do the job but because of lack of discipline to check if everything was being done the way it should.
And every person, job, business have their discipline which is unique to them and they always need to revisit them to make sure they are in-line to their vision for themselves/their business or their family.
I still remember, In Dell, Addy One of my best friends (then CEC who I hated the most) used to have an email signature, In God, We trust. Rest, we monitor.
Oh well, I write this today because, hey – It’s Monday and I’ve had a pretty crappy day. Because, I was undisciplined. :-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guess Who's back...

So, I’ve been contemplating... Contemplating whether or not I should blog. Last I blogged was in 2011 and that too about a movie.

With my social circle being as big as it is, I come across a lot of people that write/blog. While I admire a lot of them for their writing skills and the amount of time and effort that goes into penning (or let’s say typing) their heard out; I also see there are the ones that do such a pathetic job and sometimes I start to think, “What if people think I am one of those, that can NOT write?” And then one part of me asks, “Are you writing for yourself or others?” The answer is the former.

That said, I was wondering what I should write about. And something told me... Let’s first figure what I should NOT write about. First thing, Food *Smiles* If you smiled or said Thank God, I’d give you a high five. I am very passionate about food, and when I do write about it in other forms of media; it’s only to share honest feedback. IF I write about food, like a lot of others and only about food, I would be bored and to me particularly, there is life beyond eating and writing about it (only).
BUT! BUT!! If I want to write about food, I will. You know why, because it is my God damn Blog. *Evil Grin*

So now I reserve the right to share my point of view on anything… ANYTHING.

Been watching a lot of Gary Vee videos. I hadn’t heard about him until recently and when I did a little bit of reading up and watched the videos, I realised how great it is to listen to him speak. He does not come with a script and he is very unorthodox (I took 10 minutes to choose that word) and Uber cool.

I heard him mention about being your own brand and how the social media platform helps you to do it better than ever. And it took 3 week for me to come up with this. I then wondered, why I hadn’t blogged for the last few years and then I realized I was busy with setting up Einfach and a lot of my energy went into conceptualizing the company, the products, the website, the Facebook page and so on… All Bull shit. I was just plain lazy. As uninspiring as it is, we all hit that phase. We just do our own stuff and are not doing something that you enjoy doing. And I went through that too and am not complaining.

Hopefully I’ll blog often... Or maybe not... But I want to…

Monday, May 02, 2011

Ko - The Movie that could make a difference..

After quite sometime, I've motivated myself to write a blog. A movie review, it's my way of appreciating the effort that's gone into the movie, KO.

KO, I wondered why this movie is named KO, and I figured that KO in Tamil means a "King".. Well, yes. I had to google the meaning coz I almost forgot the existence of such a word.. Shame on me!

So yes, after a lot of positive review from people, I decided to watch this movie. We made sure we did not read the plot anywhere so that we enjoy the movie.

The title was very beautifully done, the pictures displayed and the Title credit went hand in hand.. For e.g.. Director of Photography - 2 people clicking pictures, Music - A man with a guitar, Editing - A beautifully carved Apples. Very thoughtful..

The movie opens with a brilliant bank robbery, (now I know why the was a dialogue about bank robbery movie DVD in Ayan..) The bank robbery looked very technologically advanced, so filmy stuff, impressed all of us.. There on until the end of the movie, they maintained the edge of the seat experience.. Well almost! They could really have done away with a few irritating songs. The storyline would have been a lot tighter, if not for the songs.. Anyway..

The movie is about sensible journalism and politics. A pure director's movie, Mr. Anand has done is homework. I kind of predicted most of the scene and he has spent his effort to not show what we usually expect to see. So there was someone who would have actually sat down, thought about how a movie goer with think, and made sure he surprises us. Extreme intelligence.

Jiiva - I didn't think he was a great hero until this movie, beautiful performance, not much scope for the masala heroics, a lot of scope for acting and performance. Jiiva scores really well for all the hard work. Good stunts wherever needed. I would preferred not to see him dance and run around the trees with Karthika, but hell ya! he did. not his fault, so no credits to his dance and everything.

Karthika - She could have done a lot better, I'd say she kind of underplayed her role. She could have been pictured a lot better for the chief reporter she was. But not bad.

Piya - She caught my eyes first in Goa, the girl has done a brilliant job. She kind of did a better job than the heroine. Has been given more scope for acting, I'd say. She is cute and promising.

Ajmal - I wondered why he was offered this role, but I only trusted that the director knew what he was doing. My trust was not broken, I don't think there would have been a better choice. Excellent performance by him. Could have done better but this wasn't bad..

Harris Jeyaraj - Apart from the BGM, our friend Mr. Jeyaraj could have been avoided. So no comments about music. I DID NOT WANT SONGS IN A POLITICAL THRILLER!!

Antony - The Editor has kept the story very tight. For once, I actually felt like watching an edge of the seat thriller. Good Stuff there.

KV Anand - I would have wanted to praise the Cinematographer but I would want to give credits to the Cinematographer turned Director the credit for such exotic locations. While I still stay firm to my "so-songs-were-required" point, the locations were just fabulous. Credits to both the Cinematographer, Richard and Mr. Anand.

The movie is about a set of college friends, who want to get into politics and change the state, it clearly shows the amount of responsibilities the young generation have, it goes on to show how a bad leader can make a different, for the worse. Movies like this can inspire youth. There was so much logic on each frame, it was so fast paced that it wouldn't let us think, that's fabulous.

The entire plot uncovered so beautifully, I did not expect such a brilliant 2Nd half, I thought it would be one of those, youth are good, life is beautiful kind of ending.. Well it was not. And I loved it... for it showed reality, no flowery shit.. I would watch this movie again. All in all.. an Excellent movie.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's better to burn out than to fade away...

Thanks to Kurt Cobain, the last time I felt burnt out wasn't too long ago and these were the lines that kept me going..
While am not a big fan of getting burnt out.. I'd prefer to burn out than just fade away.. fading away to me is losing control, jus disappearing.. without a trace. and is a very scary feeling..
I'm someone who always wants to leave my signature (in a good way of course).. all the time. so burning out is like adding more light.. let's say lighting things up until the last bit.. like a candle perhaps.
So I think it's better to burn out than to fade way..
This is too much philosophy for a come back blog.. I'm hoping to get better.. more cheeky and comical.. more ME! soon.. :)